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5 Characteristics Your Guest Bedroom Should Have

by Toni Gonzalez

The guest room in your home is an often forgotten space, but it's very important for anyone who will spend the night in it. So what qualities should your guest room have? Here are a few characteristics that will take it from basic to stunning. 

1. It Should Be Welcoming

Make this space into something that refreshes and relaxes your traveling guests. It should feel homey and welcoming. This is achieved primarily by a quality bed and good, soft bedding. In addition, include some other upholstered furnishings, extra blankets and linens, and different lighting sources for ambience and convenience. 

2. It Should Be Surprising

Don't fall into the trap of outfitting a basic, boring guest space with no personality and vibrancy. Add one or two surprising elements to bring joy or luxury to your guests' stays. This could be anything that brings some level of surprise — an item of eclectic art, a unique piece of furniture, your vintage comic book collection display, a luxurious throw, or a bold accent color. 

3. It Should Be Practical

This emphasis on decoration shouldn't overshadow the need to meet guests' practical needs. Make sure the room has plenty of light, including task lighting at strategic locations, and that it has enough furnishings to allow them to comfortably unpack and have seating. It should also have a good flow to make navigation easy, especially if the space has to share function with a home office or other use. 

4. It Should Be Self-Contained

Whether or not the room is a true guest suite with its own bathroom, try to make it as self-contained as possible. Many homeowners like to add a small coffee or snack station for guests to enjoy during the night or in the morning. It should also have accessories to help them get ready, like a steamer or iron, mirrors, closet space, and a few toiletries left out in case they forgot something. 

5. It Should Be Thematic

Finally, think about how the guest space fits in with the house's overall style and decor. This room should blend in with the adjoining rooms so as to create a cohesive design that doesn't jar people as they enter the room. This can be accomplished with the color palette, carryover of textures and patterns, period and style of furnishings, and how much decor is placed in the room. 

Where To Start

Want ideas to fulfill these must-haves for your guest room? Start by consulting with an interior design company in your area today. Your guests will surely appreciate your effort on their behalf.