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5 Times Your Renovation Needs A Home Designer

by Toni Gonzalez

When they plan a remodel, most homeowners understand the value of working with an experienced building contractor. But should your renovation involve an additional team member who works specifically with home design? The answer may be 'yes' if you find yourself in any of these five situations.

1. You Have Unusual Limitations.

Many large renovations can be done to suit whatever the property owner wants. But other projects must deal with existing limitations or barriers that can make things very complicated. For instance, if your home is a historical building, you must keep any changes within the strict guidelines of local regulations and even historical societies. These unique parameters call for professional assistance. 

2. You Need to Save Money.

Hiring an additional professional for the remodel seems counterintuitive for saving money. But in fact, a good designer can help you figure out where to save money without sacrificing the end result you really want. Rather than having to resort to "builders grade" countertop material, for example, they may help you alter the kitchen layout or choose high-quality substitutions to achieve the same effect for less money. 

3. You Want Something Unique.

While building contractors have experience with popular design options, trends, and different building materials, they aren't trained to think outside the box in the original designs. So if you want your home to be something that really reflects your personality and stands out from others, you might need a true artistic designer. 

4. You Don't Know Where to Start.

What if you want a change but aren't sure what you're looking for? After all, the average homeowner isn't a designer themselves. In this case, a professional home designer can come up with ideas and suggestions that will help you identify what you really want — or don't want. Their experience also means they can guide you in narrowing down choices and targeting goals.

5. You Must Get It Right.

While everyone wants their renovation to go well and end up how they envisioned it, some projects are more urgent than others. A homeowner remodeling to create an accessible home for an ill family member doesn't have the luxury of getting it only 'mostly right'. You might need more confidence if you're drastically altering the home's layout, if you want to add a customer-facing home business, or if your goal is to help aging parents stay in their home. 

If your big project falls into any of these groups, a home designer could be the answer to all your challenges. Learn more about this specialty by meeting with a home designer in your area today.