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3 Reasons You Should Stack Some Books Horizontally

by Toni Gonzalez

If you're a bookworm who has a number of full bookshelves in your home, you might like the welcoming look that they provide. On the other hand, you might also feel that the look of the bookshelves leaves a little to be desired, and think about hiring an interior designer to give you some ideas about how to better display your collection. Many interior designers are highly adept at not only suggesting major changes in the home but also talking about small things that you can do that have a significant impact. One thing that your designer may recommend is to stack some of the books horizontally. Here's why.

It Provides Visual Interest

Most peoples' bookshelves are filled with books placed vertically. When you remove some and stack them horizontally, it immediately changes the look of the shelf — and, by extension, the overall look of the room. This simple change can make the room feel less like a bookstore or a library and more like a cozy reading nook, which is probably a look that appeals to you. Stacking some books horizontally can take up more space, so you'll often need to thin out your collection to make this change.

It Creates A Foundation For Decorations

Your interior designer will probably recommend that you don't stop once you've turned a handful of books horizontally. Instead, they may suggest that you get certain decorative pieces that you can place on these stacks. You don't need to put something on every stack of books, but a few small statues, framed photos, and other similar accent pieces can dramatically transform the look of the bookshelf. You may be able to gather decorative pieces from throughout your home for this purpose, or it may be necessary to do a little shopping to get what you need.

It May Be Easier With Certain Books

Every avid book collector occasionally faces the challenge of knowing what to do with books that are too large to fit in a bookshelf. If a book is tall, you might attempt to jam it into the tallest shelf, perhaps scuffing the top edge of the book. Or, you might leave it out on the coffee table — something that can look nice to a degree, but not when you cover the coffee table with books. The simple act of turning some of these books horizontally in your bookshelves can make storing them easier.

For more ways to spruce up your bookshelves and other aspects of your home, contact interior design services.