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5 Lighting Ideas For Your Patio

by Toni Gonzalez

From new siding and windows to professional landscape design, there are many ways to add appeal and value to your home. Of course, some updates can add appeal and value while improving your quality of life. To create an attractive space that you and your family will enjoy outdoors while increasing your home's value by an estimated 12.4 percent, consider adding a patio. Whether created using stone or a standard slab of concrete, your patio can become a fully functional outdoor living space as long as it is illuminated for use in the evenings and at night. This guide will give you a few lighting suggestions to illuminate your new patio.

Chandelier/Ceiling Fan

A covered patio is ideal because it allows you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what kind of weather you are experiencing. Even a pergola can provide some coverage over your patio. No matter what type of roof you construct over your outdoor living space, it can be used for lighting design.

A chandelier may not seem like a good idea for an outdoor space, but it can help illuminate your patio while adding style and personality.

Install a large chandelier that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Make sure the chandelier is sized appropriately, since you will need it to provide enough light for multiple guests to relax on the patio while you are entertaining.

If you prefer a more traditional look, consider installing a light pendant and ceiling fan built into one fixture. This provides lighting while giving you a way to cool off your outdoor space in the warmer seasons.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Even if your patio is not covered, you can find ways to incorporate light fixtures into the design of your outdoor living space. One of the easiest ways to illuminate your patio is through wall-mounted light fixtures.

Light fixtures can be installed directly onto the exterior of your home, providing light right outside your back door and over your patio space. If you have the space, consider constructing privacy walls or posts with screens around your patio, too. These surfaces create both definition and privacy in your backyard while providing a surface to mount light fixtures on.

Built-In Lantern Lights

During the initial construction, you can add lantern lights to your patio. These lights can be installed on corner sections of your patio, providing lighting for you and your guests, while also creating necessary light for security and safety around your outdoor living space.

These lights are best installed during the beginning of your patio's construction, since electrical wiring and connections will need to be added through the stone and concrete.

For a rustic look, choose carriage-style lantern lights for your patio. If you prefer the look of contemporary design, choose post lights with modern lines and Edison-style bulbs.

Landscape Uplights

Another appealing way to illuminate your patio space is with landscaping uplights. These lights are installed on the ground around your patio and landscaping to create a defined walkway and elegant design that is very appealing to homeowners.

Uplights can also be used to accent certain parts of your landscape design. Install a few uplights in a flowerbed around your patio to illuminate trees, décor, or a fountain.

String Lights

Finally, string lights are one of the easiest ways to illuminate your patio and outdoor living space.

Connect multiple sets of string lights and hang them horizontally or vertically directly over your patio, connecting them to the edges of your home's roof. If you do not have any power outlets around your patio or if you just want to avoid wires and cords in your outdoor space, opt for solar string lights that are powered by the sun's rays.

Landscape lighting can turn an ordinary patio into an extraordinary backyard space. This guide will give you a few ideas to consider when installing your outdoor lighting. Contact a company that offers landscape lighting design services to learn more.