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Tips For Building A Simple, Affordable Home

by Toni Gonzalez

Living in a brand-new home offers so many benefits, but building a new house can be costly. If you want to build a house that is extremely affordable and simple, there are ways you can do this. Here are some tips to consider as you plan the design for your new home.

Building up might be cheaper than building out

Building up, which means building a house with two stories, is usually more affordable than building out. This is true in most situations if you compare a one-story home to a two-story home that both have the same square footage. If you are looking for a decent amount of space in your new home, consider building a two-story home instead of a ranch.

A two-story home may require more siding, but it will require less roof and foundation. These are just a couple reasons why it might be cheaper to build up instead of out.

Keep the shape simple

One of the main ways to keep the costs affordable on a new house is to choose a very simple shape. Any types of bump-outs, jagged walls, or multiple corners will only add to the cost of your home. If you build a rectangle-shaped home, it will be a lot easier for the contractor to build it. It will go faster and require fewer building materials. Keeping a simple shape may allow you build a bigger home without spending a fortune on it.

With a simple-shaped home, you may also be able to save money by using trusses for the roof instead of needing a hand-framed roof.

Choose an open floor plan

The third way to save a lot of money when building a new home is to choose a house that has an open floor plan. An open floor plan is the type of home most people prefer today, and it is the type of house that has fewer walls than other styles of homes. With an open floor plan, your entire living room, kitchen, and dining area will all be located in the same room. Because of this, you will save money on the building materials that normally would have been used for the walls between these rooms.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you would like to build an affordable home. To learn more, contact a company that offers architectural designs and blueprints for houses, such as Stofft Cooney Architects.