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4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Glass Shower Looking Great

by Toni Gonzalez

If you've recently remodeled your bathroom or moved into a new place that has a bathroom with a glass shower, it's important that you take the time to understand how to clean the glass efficiently. By becoming familiar with the right steps involved in cleaning a glass shower, you can prevent streaks and mildew from ever becoming a problem.

Make Sure a Bathroom Fan is Installed

The easiest way to prevent mildew and mold from becoming an issue in your bathroom is by making sure a bathroom fan is installed. By keeping the air circulated in the bathroom, you can prevent a high amount of moisture being left in the air and leading to mildew or mold.

Knowing how to spot signs of mildew and mold can also help ensure that your bathroom is truly clean and that the bathroom fan is working properly.

Keep a Small Cleaning Kit Near the Shower

Cleaning your bathroom is made easier if you have a cleaning kit handy, allowing you to perform quick cleaning sessions before or after your shower. The cleaning kit should include essentials such as a gentle cleaning spray, sponge, and a squeegee for removing leftover moisture.

Use the Right Kind of Body Wash and Shampoo

Some types of hygiene products can lead to soap scum buildup, making your bathroom appear dirty much quicker. Choosing body wash and shampoo that doesn't leave any visible buildup in the bathroom is important and can be a simple change that will help keep your bathroom much cleaner.

Set Aside Time for Thorough Cleanings

While quick cleaning sessions can be effective at leaving your bathroom visibly clean, it may not be enough to ensure that the bathroom is truly clean. Setting aside the time to perform a deep clean from time to time will help remove any buildup in hidden places and ensure that grime isn't left to worsen over the next few months. Using this opportunity to reach behind the toilet and other hidden places will help ensure that your bathroom looks and smells fresh.

Cleaning a glass shower door should just be a part of keeping your entire bathroom clean. Avoid putting off cleaning sessions and take the time to get familiar with the unique steps involved with cleaning glass and how to spot potential signs of mold or mildew. By knowing how to keep your bathroom clean with the above tips, you'll be able to avoid messy cleanups in the future. 

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