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Reasons To Include Plantation Shutters In Your Remodeling Plans

by Toni Gonzalez

Are you considering remodeling your home this year in order to give your home a new appearance? Are you tired of the way the interior of your home looks? Before you finalize your plans, here are some reasons to consider including plantation shutters in your remodeling project:

Relatively low cost: If you're tired of seeing the same view, replacing all your windows can get expensive. By adding plantation shutters to the interior of your windows, you can change their appearance for a relatively low cost. Depending on the size of the windows and how many rooms you'll be adding them to, you may end up spending half or even a third of what it would cost to completely replace the windows. After you have the plantation shutters added, you'll immediately notice a dramatic change in a room's appearance.

Easy maintenance: Are you tired of having to care for window curtains? Some curtains may need to be dry cleaned, while others need special wash cycles. Heavier curtains may need to be spot treated on the curtain rod instead. If you're tired of trying to remember which drapes need what treatment, plantation shutters may be just the thing for you. Most plantation shutters need little more than an occasional dusting. They can also be cleaned with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Warm soap and water should be able to clean off accumulated grease or smoke from the plantation shutters in your kitchen. 

Pet friendly: Has your cat bent a corner of the blinds on its favorite window perch so they can snooze in the sun? If your dog has figured out how to use its nose to push your curtains out of its way to see outside, then its barking could be an annoying nuisance to your neighbors while you're out. Plantation shutters allow your pets to soak up the sun or enjoy the outside view without damaging the window covering. You can control your pet's access to the window by opening or closing the panels when you want. Also, plantation shutters have no dangling pull strings to tempt playful cats. You won't have to worry about your pets getting tangled up in loose cords when you're not watching. 

Increased home value: Because they're built into the home, plantation shutters usually stay with the home when it's sold. This can increase the home's asking price because future tenants won't have to deal with the added expense of installing drapes or curtains. They'll be glad to pay more for a home with beautiful and reliable window treatments already in place.